Blythe Forcey Toussaint has studied 19th Century American history and culture for many years, including a 1992 PhD in 19th Century American Literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her academic career included several years as faculty at North Carolina State University and some visiting assignments at the University of North Carolina. She chose to leave academe for industry over fifteen years ago, and has built a career around marketing, training, and business writing. She founded her own consulting company, Performance Trajectories LLC over five years ago and now balances her time between consulting projects and fiction writing.

She recently published Year of Disunion: A Novel of the Dawn of the American Civil War. (Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.) This novel tracks the life of a family in 1861 as the Civil War begins, and as some of them were to be among the civilians who went to watch the Battle of Bull Run/Manassas thinking it would be a fun picnic. This novel also includes events in Washington, Baltimore, Cairo, Raleigh, and Hatteras Island. She is at work on her next novel, working title House of Voices,  that is set in upstate New York beginning in 1811.

Toussaint comes from a line of writers including her grandmother, Anya Seton and great grandfather, Ernest Thompson Seton. She now lives in Longmont, CO with her husband and three dogs and finds writing inspiration doing Bikram yoga and hiking in the mountains.

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